Spring     2017

Why towards a re-enchantment? Here I pay tribute to  Morris Berman's book 'The Reenchantment of the World'  1981. Morris Berman https://morrisberman.blogspot.co.uk/  is a Cultural Historian and Social Critic.

What I take from the book 'The Reenchantment of the World'   is that over the centuries through our desire to understand the natural world we have in fact separated ourselves from it.  We have ceased to appreciate the living world as a living wondrous thing but as something we need to control, -modern farming techniques, manipulate and exploit, - mining, oil production, deforestation, the mining of vital minerals from the seabed for our mobile devices. 



We see ourselves not as participants in the natural world but observers as from afar. It is 'just over there.' It is majestic or domesticated. Writers like  Morris Berman  Felix Guattari ‘The Three Ecologies” and   Gregory Bateson ‘Mind and Nature’ are arguing for a different world view. We not only need to connect with nature but with each other -politically, socially and economically. I recognise the need to  become Re-enchanted. So I will over the next year share my enchantment with the natural world through photos, films and notes on growing. 

 This website is all about  responses to the landscape. Its history and its present. It will contain films, photos and stories about where we are now, how we got here and where  we go from here. I have been thinking hard  about  how to make ecology more accessible and relevant to every day life.  I want there to be magic and imagination so watch this space…