Enclosures and Beyond

I was thinking about this as a space to think about how we got here and where we can go.

Enclosures  marked a radical shift in the way that we think about the landscape, people and work.

You can’t deny that enclosures led to the improvement of the land, to greater food production and increased profitability. However these profits remained in the hands of the landowners and made no difference to the farm labourer. 

‘The English labourer alone was poorer in money, poorer in happiness,

poorer in sympathy and infinitely poorer in horizon and hope. 

The riches that he had been promised by the champions of enclosure 

had faded into something less than a maintenance’

‘The Village Labourer’ 1760-1832 J.L and Barbara Hammond  1911

Reclaiming Commons

Meanwhile over in the Saints in Suffolk the people of St James South Elmhams have created their  community or village orchard. Have a look at their website.

The orchard is  the last fragment of the vast Greshaw Green that provided grazing for the surrounding villlages in the Saints. I have begun doing some work about this piece of land. This film is the first piece of work about Greshaw Green

Villagers get togther to carry out vital tasks in the orchard…...