March 2017

I have been a member of the Curie Monitoring Group for just over a year now. Every week a member from the group goes to Sizwell to measure gamma radiation.

Over  the year or so I have been going I have felt a greater level of engagement with the place. My initial response had been fairly negative because of the insistent hum of the power plant. I find going into the Sizewell plant daunting although the staff are very friendly. But there is a tremendous contrast beween these man made structures and the natural environment. It is shocking. As the impact of the projected Sizewell C on the surrounding landscape is becoming clearer I have found myself thinking much more deeply about what lies under my feet and how this landscape has kept its integrity despite the efforts of humans.

 I also came across 'In Search of Heathland' by Lee Chadwick. An illustrator, conservationist and with a keen interest in politics (standing as the Communist parliamentary candidate for Eye at the general election of 1950) Lee Chadwick moved to Sizewell in 1938. Her book looks at the history of the local landscape and it unlocked a lot of ideas for me.

My initial  response is to photograph the sites where we measure the gamma radiation to give a sense of the landscape and how it changes over the year. I won't be photographing in the power plant.