Campaigners for the Land

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'The Landworkers Alliance' is an international, producer led organisation. It is made up of family farmers and small scale producers who  use sustainable methods to produce food, fuel  flowers and fibres. 

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The focus is on strong communities, animal welfare, affordable food, access to the land and food sovereignty. 

Very exciting.

 Recently they have been suppporting the protests organized by Farmers For Action in Britain against the collapse in milk prices.This  protest has been supported by numerous farming organizations throughout Europe, including

Via Campesina.

  The Landworkers Alliance newsletter is available. You can subscribe on their website

The United Nations have a new Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. She is Professor Halil Elver, a distinguished academic who has been doing research in California, Malta and Turkey. She is very troubled about world hunger. In a recent speech she said “Empirical and scientific evidence show that small farmers feed the world. According to FAO 70% of food we consume globally comes from small farmers. Currently, most subsidies go to large agribusinesses. Governments must support small farmers.”

She criticised the vast subsidies going to large, monocultural agribusiness companies, and the fact that in the European Union about 80% of subsidies and 90% of research funding go to support conventional industrial agriculture. “Modern agriculture, which began in the 1950s, is more resource intensive, very fossil fuel dependent, using fertilizers and based on massive production. This policy has to change.

“Agroecology is a traditional way of using farming methods that are less resource oriented, and which work in harmony with society. New research in agroecology allows us to explore more effectively how we can use traditional knowledge to protect people and their environment at the same time.”

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